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Sigma Modules continues to serve the changing and developing world values by following the needs and developments and returning to the world with its eyes, without compromising its own quality, environmentally sensitive, solutionist ideas to pass on the modular structures.

Sigma Modular Yapı is committed and determined to be a quality, fast, solution-maker in the frame of this principle from its employees to its customers. By following the technological developments in the sector closely, the company adopts the principle of self-improvement, innovation and draws the road map in this direction.

Prefabricated buildings, life containers, steel construction as well as marine containers, industrial projects, offices, cafes and habitats, etc. the sector offers different solutions.

Our Mission

To become a leading company with quality and different solutions in domestic and abroad sector.

Our Vision

As Sigma Modular Building, we aim to offer creative, functional and permanent solutions in the direction of our customers’ demands. Our priority is to provide quality services to our customers in the direction of requests and continuously improve service quality to meet expectations at the highest level. ARGE projects to bring a new breath to the sector.

Our Quality Policy

  • Do not compromise on quality
  • Be effective, fast, solution-maker
  • Be open to innovation and technology
  • Believing in the power of teamwork
  • Being honest, hardworking and complementary


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