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Prefabricated House

AnasayfaPrefabricated House

The Sigma modular structure transforms your dream house design into a convenient price, without sacrificing quality, in a short time with your professional team. You can transcend the distance between you and Sigma Modular Structure by realizing the house in your dreams.

Prefabricated structures are not produced on-site but are produced in the factory and assembled on site. Nowadays prefabricated building area is very wide, it stands out because it has many advantages. It can be installed on concrete floors or without foundation with the basement houses developed by Sigma Modular Building.

Prefabricated structures are made up of interconnecting equipment that is complementary to each other. The equipment is mounted with screws to each other, increasing the strength of the structure and making the construction modular. The advantage of this structure is that it can make things into two-story structures.

Nowadays, prefabricated buildings due to necessities, prices and most importantly the savings in terms of time have become a distinct choice besides concrete structures.


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